About HHR

Get to know the person and concept behind Holistic Healing Resolutions

Asaf Feit

Hello there! My name is Asaf Feit and HOLISTIC HEALING RESOLUTIONS website is my brainchild. HHR website is my online service for creating individual healing programs over the web, and is my way to share what I believe is elementary knowledge for a healthy life, in a wider circle than my family and private practice.

I was born in Israel in 1976. As a young child I lived in Monterey California for 2 years. My earliest memories are from Monterey, as is my American accent… although it has thinned out by the passing years.

Lucky me, I knew I wanted to be a medical doctor since I was 6 years old. It was an inner crystal clear calling, although I didn’t know what kind of medicine I will practice. Eventually the currants of life led me to study holistic medicinal approaches. My profession, as all other realms of my life, is fueled by my natural talents and strengths – empathy, connectedness, thriving by intimacy and being an inquisitive scholar.


I started studying healing in the year 1999, and I have been studying ever since:

  • Reiki Master: 1999 (Pune, India)
  • Body Massage: 1999-2000 (Mr. Moshe Moreno, Masters College)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Chinese Nutrition, Shiatsu): 2000-2004 (Israel Chinese Medicine College)
  • Chinese Medicine Stems & Branches: 2005-2006 (Ms. Efrat Murciano & Mr. Peter Van Kervel)
  • Macrobiotics: 2007-2008 (M.D Mira Niazov & Mr. Eyal Shpringer)
  • Ancient Chinese Medicine Pediatrics: 2009-2010 (Ms. Efrat Abramson & M.D Lawrence Berns & Mr. Aram Tzayig)
  • Chinese Medicine Celestial Clouds & Terrestrial Meters: 2010-2011 (Mr. Peter Van Kervel)
  • Ancient Chinese Medicine Gynecology: 2011-2012 (Ms. Anat Arad & Ms. Efrat Abramson)
  • Ayurveda: 2012 – 2016 (Mr. Ami Ryne)

In 2003 I got married to my high school sweetheart, Einav, and started my private practice in Israel in 2004. In 2005 we moved to Costa Rica for 2 years and I worked as the village acupuncturist of the beach village, Pavones. Just before our son (Agam) was born, we returned to Israel and settled down in Pardes Hana (Hana’s orchard), a small town, only a short drive away from the nearest Mediterranean beach (as you probably figured out by now, I love the beach!).

Both my practice and family kept growing, we had 2 more daughters (Eden and Noga) and I added teaching Chinese Medicine to my professional repertoire. After years of practice and helping out many thousands of patients in my private clinic, I was struck by the idea of expanding my services online with the intention of continuing to help people on an individual 1-on-1 basis, but with a greater reach and impact than I could ever have in my clinic. The online Holistic Healing Resolutions treatment program, HHR website & HHR club, are the result of my idea! 

In the clinic and on HHR, I provide my patients with a fascinating combination of all three disciplines: Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Macrobiotics. Deep understanding and expertise in all three disciplines is not so common to find, but for myself it was clear I had to study, master, blend them together and harness all three into a super powerful diagnosis and treatment program, which is now available online through HHR website.

The information sources for HHR website are an extracted blend of knowledge stemming from Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, other traditional approaches and modern contemporary health science, with my own education, training, common sense, thoughts, intuition, understanding and vast experience. I humbly thank all of my teachers, colleagues and peers for their generosity and wisdom.

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HHR – Holistic Healing Resolutions


A Brief History

In 2016, as I was reaching my forties, my clinic was bountiful as I felt I could provide people with profound holistic solutions for their health challenges. In April 2016, during a family vacation to our beach house in Pavones, Costa Rica, we met up with our Canadian, best friends, Neta & Arbel. Neta, who is a successful online entrepreneur, suggested I expand my work online, and that’s when the idea for Holistic Healing Resolutions was born. Upon my return, and over the following 4 years, Neta and I started to develop and perfect the concept behind HHR, alongside my routine schedule, devoting thought, time, energy and passion to create a system that would allow me to serve people online without compromising my standers of holistic personal medicine I provide in person.


The HHR Program Process

Once you join HHR treatment program, the first step is gathering your personal information, by uploading visual information (photos and a video) and by answering the highly detailed questionnaires I have developed. Based on the information you provide, I conduct what feels like a detective’s work, taking into consideration all the different layers and details of your life’s overall condition and patterns, to create an integrated holistic diagnosis, described by simple and easy terms to understand.

According to the diagnosis, I prepare for you a health program that includes:

  1. A comprehensive personal video that will blow your brains with the most razor sharp perception of your root cause of imbalance and all the fundamental principles and actions you can take to restore balance and experience amazing transformation.
  2. A complete integrated Ayur Veda, Chinese Medicine & Macrobiotic diagnosis of your:
    1. Constitution
    2. Health conditions & pathologies
    3. Internal organ function
    4. Body tissues condition (plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone, nerve, gender hormones)
    5. Digestive power
    6. Respiratory system condition
    7. Urinary system condition
    8. Immunity, strength, impregnability
    9. Toxin and inflammation levels
    10. Mental state
  3. An individual treatment program that includes:
    1. Explanations regarding the different diagnosis categories that are relevant to your treatment and that are essential to understand logically in order to comply willingly and thoughtfully with treatment recommendations
    2. A specific and individual lifestyle, exercise and daily routine plan
    3. A specific and individual diet plan, food selection, cooking style, recipes and eating guidelines
    4. A specific and individual plan for the use of medicinal herbs and food supplements
    5. Insight and recommendations regarding your work, life circumstances, emotional and mental states, from the Chinese medicine and Ayur Veda point of view

My lifelong destiny for helping others remove obstacles which hinder their health and offering people the opportunity to maximize their health prosperity and well-being has been, and is, a tremendous honor and regarded by myself as a sacred service for the people who rely on me.

I will be honored and grateful to serve you!


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