Aphrodisiacs (vajikarana)

These herbs reinvigorate the body by reinvigorating the sexual organs. The reproductive tissue contain the power to create life, not only the power to create a child but also to renew one’s own life, to return our cells to the vigor of youth. The samק life creating energy, if directed inwards, can aid in the renewal of both body and mind.

Aphrodisiacs may be used either to improve sexual vitality and functioning, or for the use of sexual energy for regeneration and healing. Most of these herbs do not simply excite sexual activity through irritation of the sexual organs. Many are tonics that nurture the reproductive tissues. Others help promote the creative transformation of sexual energy for the benefit of the body-mind, strengthening the bones, muscles, ligaments, blood, nerves and increase the energy of the mind.

They can be divided into tonics and stimulants. Stimulants increase the functional activity of the reproductive organs, while tonics increase and improve the tissue substance that composes them.

Typical aphrodisiacs: angelica, asafetida, ashwagandha, asparagus, cloves, damiana, fenugreek, garlic, ginseng, gokshura, hibiscus, raw onions, pippali, rehmania, rose, saffron, saw plamento, shatavari, solomons seal, wild yam. Of these, those which are emmenagogues are more specific for women.

Some Herbs that enhance spermatogenesis are called shukrala. These substances are nutritive tonics to the reproductive secretions, like semen and breast milk.


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