Seventh Dhatu –Artava (female Reproductive tissue)

Artava Dhatu is the female reproductive tissue, mainly the ovaries and uterus.

Purpose: creation

Element: Water

Attributes: Heavy, Dense, Hot, and Passive

Action: continuity, next generation, pleasure sensations

Causes of Artava disorders:

  1. having intercourse at inappropriate times (midday or midnight, dawn or dusk)
  2. over indulgence in sexual activity
  3. having sex during the menses
  4. sex under the influence of intoxicants
  5. sex in wrong position
  6. use of chemical spermicides
  7. physical or surgical trauma to the lower pelvic floor
  8. gonorrhea, syphilis, or herpes
  9. following tantric sexual practices without proper guidance
  10. emotional stress and worry

Signs of decreased Artava Dhatu:

  1. low libido
  2. pain during coitus
  3. fear of sex
  4. abortions
  5. primary sterility
  6. no ovulation

Signs of increased Artava Dhatu:

  1. preoccupation with sex
  2. increased desire for sex
  3. premature orgasm
  4. multiple cystic ovary
  5. sterility
  6. no ovulation


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