Fifth Dhatu – Asthi (Bone tissue)

Asthi Dhatu, the bone tissue, is the densest tissue in the body. It provides support, gives shape to the head, face, thorax, limbs and nose. It protects delicate vital organs – the brain, eyes, heart, lungs, uterus, and prostate gland. Bones enable hearing through bone conduction of sound waves. Though bone tissue appears to be a hard, compact, supportive mass, it is a living tissue that is sensitive to emotions and feelings. Unresolved emotions and emotional scars can affect the function of the thyroid and para-thyroid glands and influence bone tissue. Severe bone disorders can indicate a great deal of unresolved and unexpressed emotions.

When Asthi Dhatu is optimal, it is called Asthi Sara.A person with Asthi Sara has strong bones, good height, strong teeth and thick, strong nails. This person has great endurance, strength, vitality and stamina. Asthi Sara people are also forgiving, hardworking and honest.

Purpose: support

Element: Earth

Attributes: Heavy, Rough, Hard, Gross, Static

Action: Gives form

Superior byproducts: teeth

Inferior byproducts: nails, beard and bodily hair.

Decreased Asthi Dhatu (Asthi Kshaya):

Lack of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc, physical and psychological trauma, may cause Asthi Kshaya. Another reason for Asthi Kshaya is increased Asthi Agni; Overactive thyroid gland and high levels of the hormone calcitonin in the blood and overactive parathyroid gland and high levels of Para thyroid hormone (PTH) in the blood causes increased metabolism of the bone tissue, which breaks down the bone and creates erosion of the tissue.

Causes for Asthi Kshaya:

  1. poor diet
  2. excessive dry foods
  3. lack of minerals
  4. insufficient or excess protein consumption
  5. poor posture
  6. overly vigorous or excessive exercise beyond ones capacity
  7. running
  8. physical trauma such as an accident
  9. psychological factors such as trauma, loneliness, insecurity, lack of support, unresolved emotions
  10. thyroid and parathyroid disorders
  11. menopause

Signs of Asthi Kshaya:

  1. hair loss
  2. rough, dry, brittle, crocked, ridged, white spotted fingernails
  3. teeth cavities, receding gums
  4. osteoporosis
  5. osteoarthritis
  6. joint pain
  7. spontaneous fractures
  8. height loss
  9. spinal misalignment


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