Black bean – cooked

Black beans are regarded as beneficial for treating Deficient heat signs such as hot flashes, malar flush, and irritability, all related to Kidney Yin Deficiency. For the same reason, they are most popular during summer or among hot tropical countries.


Taste: Sweet, Astringent

Natural Attributes: Heavy, Dry

Tissue impact (Vipak): Sweet, nourishing 

Thermal impact (Virya): cooling

Dosha impact: decrease Pitta and Kapha, increase Vata 

Digestive impact (Agni): relatively hard to digest

Channels (Srotas): opens the channels

Feces: absorbs and retains 

Urine: diuretic

Strength (Bala): increases strength and immunity 

Mind (Manas): decrease rajas

Effect: Immunomodulator, styptic, kidney tonic 

Chinese five element impact: Water 

Chinese medicine syndromes: Builds Kidney Yin fluids and blood

Medicinal properties 

  • Nourishment (rasa): strong food carvings, lower backache
  • Fat: high cholesterol,  losing weight, 
  • Bones-joints-tendon-ligaments: painful knees
  • Reproductive and hormonal systems: menopause, hot flashes, reproductive system, impotence, involuntary seminal emission, infertility.
  • Kidney-Bladder:  kidney stones, bedwetting, urinary difficulty.
  • Respiratory system:  black bean juice is effective for hoarseness, laryngitis,

Harmful: unsuitable for a weak digestion, distension, flatulence


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