Buttermilk -Thick stirred diluted 3% 3/4 yogurt 1/4 water – (Takra)

Greatly valued and used for increasing the body’s ability to  absorb food and nutrients.  It is a nectar in the cold season, when appetite is missing, when digestion is weak, and when the body channels are blocked.
Although igniting and light, Takra is nourishing and does not increase Pitta. Very good for Kapha disorders and digestive disorders. Regular use of Takra tonifies the small intestine and can alleviate Kapha or pitta type hemorrhoids. If the yogurt is not sufficiently ready (rather sweet) it may still cause an increase of Kapha in the respiratory system causing catarrh, cough or dyspnea. It is calming and grounding for Vata. 

Homemade Indian buttermilk is the liquid left over after the churning of butter. A reasonable equivalent is to dilute fresh yogurt one to one with water, blending them together for 10 minutes on low speed. 


Taste: astringent, sour

Natural Attributes: light, dry

Tissue impact (Vipak): sweet (nourishing)

Thermal impact (Virya): heating

Dosha impact: Decreases Vata and Kapha

Digestive impact (Agni): Easy to digest, ignites digestion

Channels (Srotas):  opens

Feces: Constipating

Urine: Diuretic

Strength (Bala): increases strength

Mind (Manas): Sattvic

Effect: Aphrodisiac

Chinese five element impact: 

Chinese medicine syndromes:

Medicinal properties 

  • Nourishment (rasa): intermittent fever, anemia
  • Blood-circulation-liver:  rectal fistula, leucoderma, leprosy and other skin diseases
  • Muscles: abdominal tumors
  • Fat: obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes
  • Kidney-Bladder: swelling, obstruction in urine 
  • Digestive system: Greatly increases absorption of food, ignites digestive fire, digestive disorder, Kapha or pitta type hemorrhoids, diarrhea, parasites, duodenal disorders, loss of taste, obstruction of channels, vomiting, excess salivation, colic, enlargement of spleen, enlargement of abdomen, diseases of alimentary tract

Harmful for: emaciation, hot season, a weak person, fainting tendency, burning sensations, bleeding disorders.


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