Cabbage (raw)

The cabbage family is one group of vegetables best avoided by Vata. If eaten by Vata, it is wisest to cook it, oil it and spice it well, rather than eat it raw. 


Taste: sweet, pungent

Natural Attributes: cold, dry, heavy

Tissue impact (Vipak): Reducing

Thermal impact (Virya): Cooling

Dosha impact: Increases Vata, decreases Pitta and Kapha

Digestive impact (Agni): difficult to digest

Channels (Srotas): opens

Feces: moves downwards

Urine: diuretic 

Strength (Bala):  clears congestion and obstruction

Mind (Manas): 

Effect: refrigerant, anti-inflammatory, mucilaginous

Chinese five element impact: metal (white cabbage)

Chinese medicine syndromes: Moves the Qi in the Liver and Small Intestine

Medicinal properties 

  • Nourishment (rasa): fever
  • Blood-circulation-liver: frostbite, varicose veins, wounds, chronic cold feet, strengthens blood vessels, liver stagnation
  • Bones-joints-tendon-ligaments: arthritis
  • Nervous system: relieving pain
  • Vital essence: cancer preventative
  • Mental: mental depression and irritability
  • Skin: beautifies the skin, leg ulcers
  • Respiratory system: common cold, whooping cough, lung disorders caused by heat (local compress)
  • Digestive system: improves digestion, stomach and duodenum ulcers (Cabbage juice), breast congestion (Cabbage Juice), moistens the intestines, benefits the stomach, constipation caused by weak peristalsis, yeast infections and candida
  • Cleansing:  parasites

Harmful: hypothyroidism


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