Cooked carrots are sweet, contain lots of fiber, easy to digest, enhance the digestive fire, good for cleansing the digestive system, the liver and the blood. They are ideal for those who are both overweight, lethargic (excess quantity) and depleted of nutrients and vitality (deficient quality).  

Raw carrots and especially carrot juice have a pungency that is mildly stimulating & refreshing. They increase the body’s vital energy and alleviate heaviness.

Purify Your Blood 

Carrot’s mild bitter taste purifies the blood. Strongly alkalizing, carrot has a relaxing effect on the eyes. Carrots are one of the richest sources of the antioxidant beta-carotene, which gives carrots their bright orange color. Beta-carotene facilitates the purification of both the blood and the liver, improving vision, complexion of the skin, and generally reducing inflammation. 


Taste: Sweet, bitter

Natural Attributes: light, penetrating, dry

Tissue impact (Vipak): pungent (reducing)

Thermal impact (Virya): warming 

Dosha impact: Decreases Kapha and Vata (cooked)

Digestive impact (Agni): easy to digest, increases digestive fire

Channels (Srotas): opens

Feces: slightly constipating

Urine: diuretic

Strength (Bala): improves strength 

Mind (Manas): Sattva

Effect: detoxicant, nutritive, Alterative, ophthalmic, cholagogue, lithotropic, anticarcinogenic, livotonic, alkalizing 

Chinese five element impact: earth, wood, water

Chinese medicine syndromes: Lung damp phlegm, spleen Qi / Yang deficiency, Kidney Qi / Yang Deficiency, 

Medicinal properties

  • Blood-circulation-liver: bleeding diseases, purifies blood, inflammations, piles, benefits the eyes and improves night-vision, skin complexion, reduce risk for juvenile jaundice,  gallstones, acne
  • Fat: reducing excess
  • Bones-joints-tendon-ligaments: rheumatism 
  • Reproductive and hormonal systems: improves quality of breast milk
  • Vital essence: increases vitality and dispels fatigue
  • Kidney-Bladder: kidney stones, bladder infection
  • Respiratory system: tonsillitis, cough
  • Digestive system: duodenal diseases (malabsorption), eliminate pinworms and roundworms, diarrhea and chronic dysentery
  • Cleansing: stimulates elimination of wastes, dissolves accumulations such as tumors


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