What is fast digestion?

What is fast digestion?

When the digestive fire is too strong and fast, peristalsis is hastened, appetite is intense and even a very big meal does not create discomfort. Fast digestion is a result of Stomach Fire or excess Pitta. Due to the Hot, Sharp and Penetrating attributes of Pitta,...

How To Treat Cold and Damp Constipation

Cold and damp constipationThis condition correlates with either Ayurveda Manda Agni or Chinese medicine Spleen Yang Deficiency which mean a slow digestion.Cold and damp lazy colonconstipation consists of infrequent bowel movements. This condition is usually due to the...

What is Irregular Digestion?

Irregular digestion means a weak, dry, and cold digestion with a lot of variability. This type of digestion is called Vishama Agni in Ayurveda or Liver dry stagnation + Spleen Qi deficiency in Chinese medicine and is the most unpredictable of all digestion types,...


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