Digestion heals

Well, a balanced and proper performing digestion has the power to heal many health concerns and prevent deterioration of health, chronic illness, medication, complications, suffering and poor life quality.

Digestion economy mode

If that is not enough, you should know that digestion consumes much of the body’s energy. In fact, digestion of food consumes up to 60% of your daily metabolism. That means digestion takes work, and by maintaining a healthy digestion, you can save a lot of energy. Who would refuse some extra energy? This extra can serve many good and noble goals.

Indigestion is a real threat

On the other hand, weak digestion causes lots of problems. Weak digestion causes the accumulation of undigested food to stagnant somewhere in the body. This buildup of toxic waste, which Ayurveda calls Ama, and Chinese medicine calls Phlegm, is anything that remains undigested and stuck in the body. Undigested waste accumulates whenever digestion is low or deficient.

Signs of weak digestion in the stomach include burping, acid reflux, small appetite, and feeling tired after eating. Signs of weak digestion in the small intestine include gas & bloating. Signs of weak digestion in the colon include smelly poops, constipation or diarrhea. For more information on Ama/Phlegm and their implications click here.

You are what you eat and don’t poop

By the magic of digestion, when you eat any food item, it becomes a part of your body. You transform the food into yourself, and to a lesser degree, you transform yourself into what you eat.Whether your food is heating or cooling, acidic or alkaline, contracting or expanding, ascending or descending, sweet or pungent, the body still has to transform the food into the building blocks of a living human. The most profound way you interact with the environment is by eating it. That’s why your food choices play a central role in maintaining your health, and digestion is the tool.

How do I improve my digestion?

There are many ways to improve your digestion, such as including digestive spices in your cooking, eating easy to digest foods, avoiding difficult to digest foods, and finding the diet that is right for your digestion quality and your body type.

Find the Diet that is Right for You

There are many modern ideas of how and what to eat; Raw food, Vegan, Paleo diet, Atkins diet, Katogenic diet and more. Each system has an advantage, a point of truth to it, which can transform people’s lives and promote health. The less obvious disadvantage is that one diet style cannot by any means be appropriate for everyone at all times. More to say, one diet style cannot be appropriate for an individual lasting a life time. People change, circumstances change, and in accordance diet and other needs and adjustments must be made. Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine explain that everyone has a unique body and there are no one-size-fits-all miracle foods or diets. Finding the right diet that works for you may take some time, and will probably change over time. The diagnostic system of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, based on Yin & Yang opposing universal attributes allow flexibility and the potential to change with every need that arises. Finding the right diet plan for you at the present moment begins with a holistic diagnosis, which among other options, can be done by this website.After diagnosis the journey begins with removing any foods from your diet that make you feel tired, emotional, or otherwise exacerbate your symptoms. Once your diet is clean, you’ll soon be able to notice which foods make you feel good. As your diet improves you’ll also find your palate craving healthy foods more reliably, making the process delightful. Step by step, guided by common sense, tirelessly investigating, ancient wisdom, modern knowledge, sharp intuition, down to earth clinical experience, the desire to heal and to stand up to the challenge, all come together for you.


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