Discover your Ayurvedic Body Type


This body type questionnaire, which you will find below, is meant to reflect your body type according to Ayurveda Dosha system: Vata, Pitta & Kapha, and to reveal your basic constitution qualities.

The constitution is expressed by physical, emotional and mental aspects. Your constitution final qualities ripen and establish themselves by the age of 20, so please answer this form from the perspective of your adult years. Please choose the answer that describes best your fundamental character (in contrast to an answer that describes you only in a temporary state or condition). For each question choose the answer that describes you in the most accurate way. Not all the details of the answer need to describe you correctly, even if only one or two details of the answer describes you correctly, this is the right answer for you. For example, when asked about your Lips, it is not necessary that your lips will be dry and thin and cracked and dark, in order to choose this answer. Even if your Lips are only thin, this is the correct answer for you.

Answer each question according to what has been true for you throughout your life. If you are struggling with a choice, choose according to what best reflects your healthiest, most vibrant period of life.
If you find it hard to decide between two answers, you can choose both.

If you cannot answer a certain question, skip it. Enjoy!


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