When the digestive fire is too strong and fast, peristalsis is hastened, appetite is intense and even a very big meal does not create discomfort. Fast digestion is a result of Stomach Fire or excess Pitta. Due to the Hot, Sharp and Penetrating attributes of Pitta, Agni can become intense. This causes the desire to frequently eat large quantities of food. As soon as food is digested a sense of dryness appears in the throat, lips and palate, thirst, heartburn, hot flashes and acid indigestion. People with a fast digestion need to eat urgently when hungry; otherwise, they become snappish and angry.

Fast digestion secretes excess gastric juices (acids, enzymes and bile), making it possible to eat large portions of food per meal, to eat out with ease or to eat difficult to digest foods such as raw food, cold food or complex food combinations. On the other hand, the delicate membranes of the gastro intestinal tract are easily irritated or inflamed as the strong digestive juices start eating away at them. The excess Liquid, Sour and Hot qualities may cause hyperacidity, gastritis, ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease such as colitis, diarrhea, pain in the liver, nausea, vomiting, hyper metabolism and hypoglycemia.

Although digestive fire and appetite are strong, the massive food intake can cause congestion and stagnation of the liver. Liver congestion results with further internal heat, the same way heat is released from compost. This heat will show as an over-reactive immune system, food allergies, seasonal allergies, skin eruptions, migraines, inflammations and bleeding disorders.

Fast digestion may cause the food to move through the intestines too quickly for nutrients to be absorbed, resulting in multiple evacuations per day, weight loss, hypoglycemia and nutritional deficiencies. Over time, fast digestion becomes exhausted and turns into deficient type digestion of an Irregular pattern.


Differential diagnosis of a fast digestion:

  1. Possible bowel movements:
    1. Frequency: several evacuations every day, evacuation after meals, urgency in evacuations
    2. Texture: Diarrhea or soft watery texture, creamy or soft with shape, may be bleeding
    3. evacuation: easily, quickly, sense of emptiness
  2. Flatulence: Not typical
  3. Swelling: Not typical
  4. Abdominal pain: There may be a burning sensation
  5. Nausea: Not typical
  6. Burns: a strong burning sensation in the epigastrium, esophagus or throat
  7. burping: Not typical
  8. Vomiting: Not typical
  9. Hemorrhoids: Large, swollen, inflamed, red, burning, bleeding a lot
  10. Fissure: appears as a result of diarrhea, painful, burning, bleeding
  11. Appetite: very strong, constant hunger, eating large portions of food, not feeling satisfied after a meal, when hungry feeling of nervousness, dizziness or a tendency to faint
  12. Thirst: Increased, especially for cold drinks
  13. After eating: more relaxed


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