The word fruit is derived from the Latin frui, which means “to enjoy or to delight in”. Truly delicious, fruits are a symbol for relaxation, letting go and pure here and know enjoyment, qualities that are harder to come by when leading a hectic productive lifestyle. Fruits energy goes upward and outward, supporting openness, lightness and cheerfulness. In excess, they may cause us to become spaced out, losing concentration and focus.

Fruits contain water, fiber, vitamin C and other, enzymes, phytochemicals, some minerals and lots of sugar. These ingredients generally make up for a breakdown food (reducing and cleaning body tissue) with a cooling effect on the body. People with a strong digestive fire or a prominent hot constitution could fruit from fruits and juices to calm down. ¬†Fruits eaten in excess or inappropriately to ones needs, promote an emptying and cooling of one’s inner fire and vitality. Individuals with strong digestive abilities and those who are physically active have less difficulty digesting fruit, compared with those who have weaker digestion and are inactive.

Eating more fruit is customary in hot/tropical climates, where one would naturally want to stay cool. However, if an excessive quantity of fruit sugar is introduced into the bloodstream, and not enough physical activity is done, this can easily result in fatigue and weakness. The high sugar content can also contribute to weight gain of fat tissue and fungal irritation, especially for inactive people.

Of the three ways fruit can be eaten, raw is the most cooling for the human body. Dried fruit contains little water, yet a stronger concentration of sugar, as well as high fiber. Dried fruit will tend to absorb more internal fluids when consumed, and fit best people that are excessively wet and damp, are water retentive and tend to bloat easily. For people with cold and dry conditions, cooked fruit with added spices (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves) would be more beneficial than plain fruit. Cooking fruit helps breakdown the fiber and further concentrate sugars.


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