Cold and Dry Constipation Treatment

This type of constipation corresponds with the Ayurveda description of Vishama Agni and with the Chinese medicine description of Blood deficiency and Liver dry Stagnation.

In Cold and dry constipation, the stools are dry and hard. A bowel movement may consist of a group of small hard stools, dry pieces, difficulty of defecation or lack of a bowel movement altogether. In extreme constipation, you may only go to the bathroom once a week. Dryness of the colon may be accompanied by accumulation of intestinal gas with abdominal distension.  This constipation is caused by too many dry and light foods, a lack of hydration, insufficient oils in your diet, and possibly lack of soluble fiber in your diet. Other factors contributing to this condition may be the usage of diuretics or drying effect drugs, smoking, excessive thinking, worrying, fear, stress and anxiety, overstimulation of the nervous system, and old age.


This constipation is remedied by hydrating, oiling and warming the intestines. Gentle, nourishing laxatives like warm milk with a tea spoon of ghee, demulcents such as marshmallow tea, and nourishing, sweet oily foods like sweet potatoes with ghee, oatmeal porridge, cooked pears and raisins with almond butter, yogurt and nuts, all encourage smooth elimination.

Increase oils and healthy fats like ghee, cold pressed sesame oil or olive oil into your daily diet. Oils lubricate the dried-out lining of your colon, making it easier to stay regular. Adding more mineral salt and fresh lemon juice to your diet can also help you stay regular. Demulcent foods like oatmeal and bananas that are high in soluble fiber are also beneficial.

Beans, dry grains, cabbage family plants, mushrooms and other light or drying food should be avoided.

Cooking method: cooking in water, stews, soups, porridge, pressure cooker

Food texture: soft and oily, with sauce

Cooked cereals: rolled oats flakes, rolled spelt flakes, bulgur, semolina

Legumes: Tofu, cooked in soup

Cooked vegetables: onion, sweet potato, pumpkin, squash, zucchini, leek, fennel, spinach, chard, okra, beets*

Oils: cold pressed sesame oil, ghee, olive oil

Seeds: black sesame seeds (use as Gomashio), white tahini diluted in lemon and water, almond butter, soaked peeled almonds, macadamia, grinded chia seeds, grinded flax seed

Animal foods: soft egg, chicken soup, meat soup*

Dairy: organic cow milk, fatty yogurt, semi-solid salty cheese (example: Feta cheese), Middle East sour cheese (Labaneh)

Cooked fruits: Raisins, fresh or dried plums, Mahjoul dates, pineapple, pear, Goji Berry

Fresh fruit: Clementine, orange, kiwi, mango, papaya, pineapple

Live vegetables: cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce*, sun flower sprouts*

Spices and medicinal plants: fennel seeds, licorice, lemon, rock salt, tapioca, asafetida, ginger, cardamom – should be taken with food to alleviate gas and promote the downward movement of the intestines.

Drinks and liquids: almond drink, warm fruit compote, fennel infusion with lemon and honey, small portions of citrus juice, fruit tea, coconut milk, milk with ghee, milk with castor oil*

Daily menu:


Rolled oats porridge:

Take half a cup of rolled oats, 2 cups of water, a handful of black raisins. Put the ingredients in a pot, bring to a boil, lower the flame and cook without a lid, stirring occasionally, until it reaches the texture of porridge, not too thick. Pour to a bowl; add 10 grams of quality Ghee, a little sweetener such as date syrup or maple syrup and a few peeled almonds.

Snack 10:

Fruit compote:

Ingredients: Dried plums, black raisins, peeled and cubed pears, 2 tablespoons tapioca. Cook everything in a pot with water to cover. Bring to a boil, lower the flame and cook for 20 minutes until soft and gelatin texture. Add a little coconut milk, cook for another minute. Eat while warm.


A fresh clementine


Soup: Vegetable soup and tofu cubes/Chicken soup and vegetables/Meat soup and vegetables/Orange vegetables soup/onion soup

Add grain to your soup ass needed.



Dinner no later than 19:00:

Cooked bulgur + soft egg + vegetable soup


Cooked bulgur + vegetable stew with coconut milk


Cookedbulgur + soft egg + cherry tomato salad and cucumbers with olive oil, lemon and pine nuts with a thin tahini sauce


Porridge as in the morning

Night 21:00

Boiled milk with tea spoon of ghee and pinch of cardamom

Daily drink between meals:

Infusion of fennel seeds + licorice root + marshmallow root

Herbal formulas, consult your health care provider:

Triphala – 5-15 grams taken in warm water before sleep.

For more obstinate constipation, particularly with disturbance of the nervous system, 1-3 tsps. of castor oil can be taken before sleep (with warm milk).

Lavanbhaskar powder or tablet form increases digestion and promotes elimination

Hingwashtak powder or tablet form is helpful for regulating peristalsis and has a mild laxative action.

Bulk laxatives such as psyllium husks and flaxseed, can be used in mild conditions of dry constipation. Take Psyllium husk powder, 1-2 tsps. in warm water before sleep is usually beneficial.  Adding freshly grinded flaxseed to the morning porridge will also help elimination.

Aloe gel is also useful as a lubricating laxative, but should be used with the addition of small amounts of ginger juice or powder to counteract the cold properties of Aloe Vera.


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