Cold Blood

The blood is supposed to be warm and invigorating. However, in some individuals, the blood can actually be too cold. Some signs of “cold blood” include cold extremities, inability to warm up, low energy, pale skin (perhaps even turning slightly purple or blue) and weak digestion.

Cold blood is best understood when described as anemia. The oxygen carrying capacity of the blood is diminished because there is a lack of red blood cells. Or, the circulation of the blood is diminished due to weakness of the heart, atherosclerosis, low metabolism, or other factors. Cold depresses metabolism and circulation, and a person with cold blood lacks vigor.

Cold blood from anemia needs warming, stimulating and building remedies. Red meat contains high levels of iron and is the strongest food for building blood. Small amounts of pungent herbs and spices will warm up and stimulate cold, stagnant blood. Fresh ginger clears cold from the body and invites warmth into the blood, increasing peripheral circulation. Turmeric has a stimulating effect on the liver, increases blood flow and helps purify the blood.

Warming and nutritive, Chyawanprash rejuvenates and builds cold blood by increasing hemoglobin and white blood cells. It also has a heating energy that combats coldness and stimulates circulation.

Treating cold blood pattern from anemia is similar to the treatment of dry deficient blood. If blood is cold and congested, a different approach must be adopted, using warming, stimulating and drying foods, herbs and life style choices. 


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