Constipation caused by excess Fire

This type of constipation corresponds with the diagnosis of either Ayurveda Tikshna Agni or Chinese medicine Stomach Fire

In excess fire constipation, the stools are smelly and sticky. It may come out in pieces and be difficult to clean. This condition may involve irritability, anger, thirst, sweating with body odor and a burning sensation anywhere along the digestive tract. It is also characterized by a red tongue with a yellow coating, unpleasant breath, and a red face. This is due to an excess of hot, oily foods in the diet, too much spicy, sour or salty food, too much meat or greasy food, such as fried food and red meat which are hard to digest, and create excess oil in your stool while the heat dries out the water. Over exposure to the sun or to heat and inadequate intake of fluids are aggravating factors. What remains is sticky, somewhat dry, and difficult to pass. You may feel incomplete after visiting the bathroom.

Excess fire constipation often involves liver dysfunction with congestion or obstruction of the bile flow. It is not simply a colon problem and a detoxification of the liver is often necessary.

Hot, sticky constipation requires cool, soothing herbs and foods to reduce inflammation and encourage hydration.Consume raw, cool, moist (but not oily)and low-fat foods. Avoid too many oils and fats, or sweets, which can over tax the liver, avoid fried foods, long-cooked foods and sticky, rich foods that can cause stagnation in the stomach or the intestines. Release of anger in a constructive way and loosening up the stress may be necessary if constipation is due to emotional causes.

For mild and short term constipation, some milk with ghee or a cooled down infusion of licorice tea will be enough to stimulate evacuation. For acute condition more bitter laxatives can be used, which also help cleanse the liver. Aloe gel combines both properties and can be taken 1-2 tbs. before sleep. Taken on a regular basis, it will usually prevent constipation for those with a tendency for excess fire. 


Cereals:whole grain bulgur, whole grain couscous, whole grain semolina, round brown rice, basmati brown rice, whole spelt, whole oats, oats muesli, barley, corn, quinoa, rye,buckwheat

Legumes:tofu, tempeh, black bean, white beans, lubia beans, green mung beans, green lentils, chickpeas

Steamed vegetables:cauliflower, celery, okra, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, green peas, chard, fennel, squash, pumpkin, sweet potato, heart of artichoke, mushrooms, Kohlrabi, corn, potato, spinach

Live vegetables: celery, cucumber, fennel, kohlrabi, cabbage, American lettuce, endive, sunflower sprouts

Algae: Wakame, Arameh, preferably as a salad

Animal food: best avoid

Milk and dairy products: raw milk

Fruits and fruit juice:apple, pear, guava, melon, watermelon, pomegranate, papaya, plum, peach

Nuts and seeds: best avoid

Oils: ghee, coconut oil, sunflower oil and soybean oil

Sweeteners: sugar cane juice, fresh honey, date syrup

Spices:fennel seeds, cardamom pods, cloves, and turmeric, mint, lime, Louisa, sage

Beverages:Cooled water, cold infusions of coriander seeds, rose petals, fennel seeds, chamomile, hibiscus. Fruit juices (apple, pear, melon) and vegetable juices (e.g. celery and green apple) and smoothies are good. Drink plenty of Coconut water. Almond milk is good.

Optional daily menu for this condition:

Drink options following awakening:

drink cold infusion of fennel seeds (soaked overnight)

7:00 Breakfast:

  • Green smoothies with apple and coconut water.
  • Vegetable juice with coconut water

10:00 Snack:

  • Green smoothies with apple and coconut water.
  • Vegetable juice with coconut water

13:00 Lunch:

  • barley grits / spelt / bulgur, 40% of the meal
  • Steamed or stirred vegetables, 30% of the meal
  • legumes, 30% of the meal

16:00 Lunch:

  • Fresh fruits.

19:00 Dinner:

  • Vegetable soup, mung and grits and wheat noodles.

22:00 before bedtime:

  • A glass of almond milk.

Herbal remedies: consult your health care provider*

Aloe Vera’s anti-inflammatory and soothing demulcent qualities can restore tissue that has been damaged from excess heat.Aloe Vera juice or gel cools down your digestive tract while helping to hydrate your intestines.

Avipattikarchurna is Ayurveda’s classic formula for pitta digestive issues

Gulkhand – rose petal confection


Psyllium – for most chronic or mild conditions, 1-2 tsps.of psyllium husk powder in warm water before sleep is sufficient.

Triphala – taken with ghee or aloe juice


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