Taste: sweet

Natural Attributes: oily, heavy

Tissue impact (Vipak): nourishing

Thermal impact (Virya): warming

Dosha impact: kapha0, Pitta0, Vata–

Digestive impact (Agni): easy to digest

Channels (Srotas): closes

Feces: moves


Strength (Bala): +

Mind (Manas): Sattvic

Function: fertility, strength

Chinese five element impact: 

Internal organs and meridians impact:

Beneficial for: debility, weakness, excess dryness of the body

Eating some Jaggery before meal time will give strength and energy for the digestion of the following meal. This suggestion is valid for the weak and debilitated depleted people or after a strenuous workout that has drained all the energy from the body. After consuming some Jaggery, wait a few minutes until the feeling of strength appears followed by a revived appetite. 

Jaggery can be used to make a isotonic beverage. mix with water, lemon, dried ginger and rock salt.

Jaggery is a very good addition for the cooking of legumes, rendering them softer and digestible, and is an especially important addition for the emaciated.

Jaggery must be solid of solid texture, otherwise discard.


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