Holistic Healing Resolutions


Holistic Healing Resolutions is the ONLY individual diagnosis and treatment program
that delivers you a state of the art, holistic, personal, profound, professional, accurate and amazingly easy to follow healing program that will revolt your health where all others failed, WITHOUT THE HASSLE of repeat blood tests, lab stool examinations, general-format treatment plans of one size fits all and complicated hard to follow illogical recommendations.


HI! MY NAME IS Asaf Feit ANd

Holistic Healing Resolutions



Lucky me, I knew I wanted to be a doctor since I was 6 years old. It was an inner crystal clear calling, although I didn’t know what kind of medicine I will practice. Eventually the currants of life led me to study holistic medicinal approaches. My profession as all other realms of my life is fueled by my natural talents and strengths of empathy, connectedness, thriving by intimacy and being an inquisitive scholar.

After years of practice and helping out many thousands of patients in my private clinic, I was struck by the idea of expanding my services online with the intention to help people through a one on one system but also to create a wider impact for sharing my medical experience, resulting with Holistic Healing Resolutions website, HHR club and HHR diagnosis and treatment program.

I believe a healthy mind and body are the foundation for self-fulfillment and for each one’s unique contribution of making the world a better place, connecting what seems as separation into an infinite unity.

Discovering your individual dynamic harmony, increasing your health, vitality and wellbeing, could be confusing in a world of contradicting opinions for what is healthy and what is ill hazarded.

Many different opinions, occasionally very determined, are offered to the public. Some may be beneficial for certain conditions, but most represent a certain agenda, claiming healthy or unhealthy for all.

What is good and what is bad? Is vegan the way to go? Or maybe vegetarian is better? What about Paleo? Yes or no for carbs? Dairy? Concentrated sweeteners? Raw food? Purging plans? Gluten?

In most cases, my answer would be – it depends. Depends for whom.

 Instead of judging good or bad, replace the question: appropriate or not, for whom and under what circumstances.

For example, dairy and gluten have been largely under attack for the last few years. Are they totally bad for health for everyone at all times? Well, as in love, so in medicine, never or always do not exist. There will be people who by cleverly consuming these items will enjoy a great benefit for their health, while others should avoid them in order to maintain health. This is true not only for food items, but for all aspects of life such as sleeping hours, physical exercise, sex, alcohol consumption, social habits, recreational activities, working style and many more.

Answering the question, what is appropriate for me? And collaborating with the answer will result in the desirable dynamic harmony and a healthy and happier life. Among other options, the answers are available here on HHR, cleverly constructed to help you resolve your health concerns.

Want to know what

Holistic Healing Resolutions does?

Watch this 2-minute video and behold!


Things you won't have to do anymore if you purchase the HHR individual diagnosis & treatment program:


Keep using symptomatic over the counter medication for short term relief while causing continues damage to your body


Suffer grave health consequences and disappointment from trying out the newest healthy trend over and over


Roam endlessly between doctor appointments and contradicting approaches to your medical problems


Worry that by solving one of your health issues you may inflict harm to other aspects of your health


Search the web endlessly trying to figure out how to connect all the dots of your health condition


Waste precious time and money on experimenting with treatments that are not tailored to your exact fit and needs


Rely upon narrow based diagnosis that does not take under consideration your life circumstances, habits, routine, emotional state or wishes


Bang your head against a wall trying to figure out what foods, recipes, herbs, supplements, routine and habits are best for you


Things you will be asked to do if you purchase the HHR individual diagnosis & treatment program:


Answer the in depth & unique individual diagnosis questionnaires, with zeal, commitment, curiosity and integrity to “dig in” and witness yourself in all aspects of life


Send me the visual diagnosis information required


Be willing to make a change, reflect on your life style and habits, follow common sense explained and reasoned recommendations, tailored to your individual circumstances of life, in order to improve your health like never before!


Take action, apply and implement your individual program for better health and enjoy the process of unwinding the “knots” and cracking the puzzles of your health concerns up to the great results!


A comprehensive personal video

that will blow your brains with the most razor sharp perception of the root cause for your imbalance and all the fundamental principles and actions you can take to restore balance and experience amazing transformation


A complete integrated Ayur Veda, Chinese Medicine & Macrobiotic diagnosis of your:

  • Constitution
  • Health conditions & pathologies
  • Internal organ function
  • Body tissues condition (plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone, nerve, gender hormones)
  • Digestive power
  • Respiratory system condition
  • Urinary system condition
  • Immunity, strength, impregnability
  • Toxin and inflammation levels
  • Mental state

An individual treatment program that includes:

  • Explanations regarding the different diagnosis categories that are relevant to your treatment and that are essential to understand logically in order to comply willingly and thoughtfully with treatment recommendations
  • A specific and individual lifestyle, exercise and daily routine plan
  • A specific and individual diet plan, food selection, cooking style, recipes and eating guidelines
  • A specific and individual plan for the use of medicinal herbs and food supplements
  • Insight and recommendations regarding your work, life circumstances, emotional and mental states, from the Chinese medicine and Ayur Veda points of view

FREE access to HHR private Facebook members club

where you can get my professional support and continues guidance, answering all of your questions, clarifying any doubts, inquiring for new advice and troubleshooting whenever circumstances change or a problem develops. HHR club not only got your back but delivers unique and exclusive new ideas regularly by means of master classes, mini courses, live webinars, Yoga sessions and fundamental movement videos. The club offers the awesome opportunity to share, learn and get inspired from the stories and experiences of all the members, spreading and sharing the knowledge, medicine and the LOVE

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This all sounds great But…

Is the HHR individual diagnosis & treatment program as good as it sounds?

Definitely YES!

The individual diagnosis & treatment program is based upon the ancient wisdom of Ayur Veda (Indian traditional medicine), Chinese Medicine & the Japanese traditional approach to health called Macrobiotics.

I have studied in depth these magnificent medicinal traditions for the last 20 years and continue to do so, bringing you all the best of them, tailored to your specific needs.

The elaborated individual diagnosis questionnaires have been developed for the last 5 years and are in use in my private practice. The questionnaires are designed for maximum personal detail and diagnosis differentiation, meaning that 10 people with the same disorder may receive 10 very different diagnosis and different treatment recommendations.

The questionnaires do not diagnose the disorders only, but many different aspects related to health, including basic constitution, digestive strength, immunity, mental state and more, that have major importance in constructing a detailed and personal health program, and provide a holistic understanding of the patients life, connecting all the dots in his/her story, in order to be able to examine his/her health challenges from a microscopic and macroscopic points of view.

How long will it take to receive my individual recommendations?

I will send you back your individual diagnosis and treatment program within 3-7 working days, or sooner, depending on the queue.

Is it really only $99? Are there any hidden costs?

 The price for the HHR individual diagnosis and treatment program includes premium quality easy to understand individual, personalized video and text guidance and lifetime free membership with HHR club. The price does not include any food supplements or herbal medicine formulas recommended in the program. These items can be purchased from other reputable sources on the web or at leading health stores. Additional services by Asaf, such as feedback follow up video etc. are available for an additional cost. 

Do I need blood test results to start the process?

No. you are ready to go as is. Blood test results add information, but are not essential for creating your diagnosis and treatment program.

What happens with my private information later on?

All your information is confidential and subject to doctor-patient privilege law. This means your information is top secret and is guaranteed to never be revealed to anyone. Your personal information is only available for your personal use on your private account on Holistic Healing Resolutions website.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

No. I do not offer a money back guarantee, because I treat my work and my clients very seriously and pledge to give the highest quality, personally adjusted diagnosis and treatment program. If you are as serious as I am regarding your health and wellbeing, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

How do I answer the diagnosis questionnaires?

Once you start the program, a personal account will be created for you on HHR website. From your personal account you will follow the SIMPLEST STEP BY STEP system to send your visual information and answer the questionnaires.

For whom is the individual diagnosis & treatment program good for?

The individual diagnosis & treatment program is good for both adults and children (children have different questionnaires). The treatment plan is designed to address a very wide range of health concerns, that are not severely acute or life endangering. The treatment plan addresses especially symptoms and signs of illness caused by life style and daily habits that violate of the natural function and order of the human physiology and psychology.

The treatment plan will diagnose and propose a solution for disorders of the digestive system, respiratory system, urinary system, skeletal system, metabolic system, endocrine system, gynecological system, circulatory system, neural system and of psychological aspects.

The treatment plan is suitable for people or families that seek a holistic solution for their health problems, that modern pharmacological medicine is not a good option for them, and that are willing to honestly investigate their life in order to detect the root cause for their illness and commit to performing changes in their life style and habits in order to create new balance and vigorous health in the most fundamental way.

What should I expect from the HHR individual diagnosis & treatment program?

First step of the process is sending your visual information and filling up the diagnosis questionnaires. You can expect a thorough and fascinating voyage of self-awareness and meticulous observation of many aspects of your life.

After submitting the questionnaires, I will analyze your information and complete an Ayur Vedic and Chinese medicine combined diagnosis that will describe different aspects of your health and life style to create a holistic overview of yourself.

After my diagnosis is complete, I will upload a personal video and text information to your personal profile account regarding:

  1. The diagnosis with full explanation and a complete treatment plan strategy
  2. Detailed explained nutritional information:
    • Specific nutrition principles to follow
    • Specific groups of foods and specific food items to incorporate in your diet
    • Detailed daily menu
    • Appropriate cooking styles and recipes
  3. Specific herbal medicine and food supplement recommendations
  4. Physical exercise recommendations
  5. Daily agenda and life style recommendations

How is the HHR individual diagnosis & treatment plan different from other similar offers over the web?

Holistic Healing Resolutions is the ONLY individual diagnosis and treatment program that delivers you a state of the art, holistic, personal, profound, professional, accurate and amazingly easy to follow healing program that will revolt your health where all others failed, without the hassle of repeat blood test, lab stool examination, general-format treatment plans of one size fits all and complicated hard to follow illogical recommendations.

Years of clinical experience have made it clear to me that in order for a treatment program to succeed and deliver the wanted results, in order for true healing to take place, the treatment must be based upon a holistic diagnosis that has the ability to incorporate as much information as possible regarding ones individual life.

Achieving this goal requires a personal tailored treatment program that has the best chance to make a real difference. Any treatment plan based on less than a holistic diagnosis will not be accurate enough to truly succeed.

For example, creating a treatment plan that is based solely upon blood test results does not provide a holistic picture of the patient health. Imagine two people of different age, different life circumstances, different body frame and weight, different eating habits, different digestive ability, different genetics, both these people were found with a similar abnormality of high cholesterol, or iron deficiency, or high TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone).

If the treatment plan is based only upon the blood test results, they are bound to receive the same treatment, although it is clear that based on their individuality and many differences, they must receive totally different treatment recommendations. So to say, the holistic approach states that one disease has many different treatments, many as the number of the patients. Also true to note, that one type of treatment strategy can be appropriate for many different diseases.   

What is not included in the individual diagnosis and treatment program?

The two prominent features that are missing in the diagnosis process and treatment program are Chinese Medicine pulse diagnosis and Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment. Obviously palpating the pulse of the radial artery and performing acupuncture cannot take place over the web, at least not yet!

Pulse diagnosis is a major component in Chinese medicine and can provide excellent information regarding the energy level and energy quality of the different internal organs. None the less, I have sophistically developed a diagnosis system that makes up for the missing pulse information. 

Regarding Acupuncture treatment, although it is a marvelous healing tool, Acupuncture has limited abilities regarding eliminating the cause of disease, therefor it is only secondary in importance to the significance of life style and nutrition counseling. Acupuncture is mostly effective after the necessary changes in life style and diet have been accomplished. At that stage, Acupuncture enhances and speeds up the healing process.


Thank you Asaf for creating the Holistic Healing Resolutions program. I am really interested in healthy eating and living and greatly enjoyed the process Asaf’s program took me through to assist me with the health issues I have. The Holistic Healing Resolutions information gathering survey was thorough and interesting to do. It was easy to follow Asaf’s instructions to make my initial information video and the resulting diagnoses and Asaf’s recommendations are presented in an easy to understand format for me. I like that I can return to my personal profile area on the website to reread it when I need to.  Asaf is so warm and engaging in his personal videos to me explaining his recommendations.  I especially liked the follow up video Asaf did at the end of the process. One of my favorite parts of this program is the beautiful recipes Asaf includes as part of the program. Talk about yummy!! It’s a month since I started the Holistic Healing Resolutions program and I feel energetic and healthy. Thanks Asaf!

Tasha Gray

New Zealand, May 2020

I came to Asaf because of a severe outbreak of unclear wounds throughout my head, and an allergy manifested by swelling and itchy redness around my eyes.
As in holistic healing processes, both physical and mental were involved, which became more and more obvious over time.
WOW! What was revealed there… a lifetime of misconceptions and thinking patterns that hurt me.
It is not easy to wake up in the middle of life and realize, with each passing day, that life as you knew them is no longer true for you.
Asaf counseled and acupunctured me in his Chinese ways and was also successful at the end of each session to send me home with one small sentence that illuminated the way to the next step in the unfamiliar way I walked.
They say that if you follow your heart, or maybe it’s your stomach, help will always come. Six months later, when the road is a little more understandable, i can look back and say it was just like that.
Thank you so much dear man.

Nirit Certis

Israel, June 2018

Asaf Shalom
In this letter I would like to thank you for the successful treatment – a treatment that brought good results to my complete satisfaction.
I came to you with two problems:
The first, which caused me enduring physical suffering that made it difficult for me to lead a normal lifestyle. Intense abdominal pain, bloated abdomen, and back pain caused by the swollen abdomen.
The second was diabetes. Blood test values started to rise well above the norm despite the conventional drug treatment I received.
Your professional treatment of both of my problems included special diet, herbs and acupuncture, above all your pleasant and thoughtful personality, and your ability to encourage during times of crisis or days of failure. Of course, after less than six months, sugar levels dropped, and abdominal pain stopped. In addition, an invaluable phenomenon – weight loss.
Thanks for everything! 

Dr. Nili Hirschfeld

Israel, August 2016

I first met Asaf about 6 years ago. During those 6 years I went through a learning journey. There is no other way to describe it. Asaf taught me the importance of nutrition and how it affects my life. From physical illnesses to mood swings. I also learned that each person is built differently, and that one person’s needs are not necessarily the need of another. And so thoroughly, Asaf has built a menu especially suitable for me. Physical phenomena that I thought forever I would have to use conventional medicine to deal with simply disappeared when the body got what was right for it. The day before I contact a conventional doctor, I first speak with Asaf. In most cases, that’s all I need and I hardly see any doctors any more. I highly recommend Asaf’s dedicated care! 

David Shoken

Israel, March 2017

I have known Asaf for several years, once in a while I resume treatment for a certain period of time for help with a variety of problems: allergies, joint pain due to injuries, fatigue or weakness…
Through Asaf I was exposed to the interesting Ayurveda, and at each session I learn something new.
This past year I suffered from migraines that appeared every month before the cycle. They got worse and got to the point where I was off for 4 days before each cycle.
I returned to Asaf hoping he could help me, even though I was afraid not, because I was constantly hearing around me how difficult are migraines to treat, and that there was actually no solution.
As usual, Asaf gathered information, thoroughly researched my situation, and when he came to the conclusion, gave me nutrition and lifestyle guidelines that he claimed would help me. Some of the things in these guidelines were difficult for me to accept, because I was used to thinking of certain foods as improper (growing up vegan). Still, I decided to try for a month, and in a joint work (by email and meetings) we put together a menu that I could get along with.
The month had passed, the cycle arrived … without migraine!! The relief is huge.
I want to thank Asaf for his commitment, depth and thoroughness, and especially for security along the way – he is very supportive and helps not to despair even when doubts arise or when changes are difficult to make. 

Galit Mintz

Israel, September 2016

We arrived to Asaf with Daniel, a half-year-old baby who, because of unsuitable transition to solid foods, experienced severe chronic constipation, days and days without bowel movements.
On our first session, Asaf diagnosed Daniel and saw that her digestive system was not coping well with all the foods we offered her, so he recommended a well-balanced diet with the types of foods she was capable to digest, including an emphasis on the texture and temperature of the food.
In addition, we began a series of gentle and very short acupuncture treatments, as a quick solution for a problem that was already present.
It all worked out very quickly, we went into a routine of baby-friendly foods, the bowel movements returned to regular and daily, and Daniel enjoyed nutritious and healthy meals.
It was very pleasant to come to Asaf’s treatments, which was very gentle and pleasant with Daniel as she didn’t even notice the acupuncture.
We definitely recommend and would come back to Asaf if necessary!
Thanks Asaf and good luck!
Julia, Aviram and Daniel 

Julia Staroselsky

Israel, July 2016

For Asaf, to share and to thank you!
Today I am celebrating one year on this new path that is so right and accurate for me. Today the principles and values i have learned from you are definitely a part of me.
You diagnosed me, adjusted the treatment, continued to direct and strengthen, and I accepted and adopted your advice always by free choice.
Obviously, nutrition and everything related to it is the central issue. The fact that I cook for myself with such devotion made me push myself forward!
I learned to meet my needs (sometimes by force) with faith, joy, pleasure and beauty.
The weight loss without difficulty! The blood pressure balanced! Skeletal Pain Passed! My attention turned once again towards life realms that are important for me!
After peeling off a lot of outer layers, I came in touch with my soul needs, which I am trying to treat now. In this way, it looks like I will succeed.
Hope to adopt all this wellness as a lifestyle.
Big thanks! 

Edna Shapira

Israel, July 2016

Shalom Asaf,
For a long time I’ve wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great help for my daughter, and for our entire family.
Nearly a year ago, I contacted you for advice about my eldest daughter, a discharged soldier, who for years suffered from severe emotional instability, a tendency to depression, and significant attention deficit disorder.
I was already quite discouraged, sure that we would have to deal with countless crises all the years to come, and that my daughter would find it difficult to function as a normative person in all realms of life.
For your part, you listened attentively to my story, and when I finally asked in some disbelief, “Is there something you think could help?” you surprised me. You told me that if there was only one thing you had to offer in this case, you would unequivocally recommend Omega 3 treatment, and you referred me to the relevant information. The peace and confidence in your voice convinced me, the skeptic, to try. And everything that happened since then is really unbelievable.
We’ve gained a new girl… The treatment you offered balanced her really wonderfully. We have much joy from her today, and we look forward to her bright future of a good life and the realization of her great potential.
Thank you Asaf for your deep understanding, your ability to diagnose the problem correctly and for your honesty, recommending the optimal treatment in your opinion, regardless of your gain from it.
Continue on this path and may you see a lot of blessing in your actions.

Aya Segal

Israel, December 2011

One morning I woke up with severe pain in my lower left abdomen and already that day I was hospitalized, instructed by my doctors to commence with a 5 days fast.
During the hospitalization I had a CT and the suspicion was that I had APIPLOIC APPENDAGITIS.
I was discharged with Etopan (NSAID’s) treatment but the pain did not go away.
Two weeks later my abdominal pain got worse and I was again hospitalized, instructed to resume fasting. Eventually the diagnosis was the same, and i was told to live with the pain until it passed and to use painkillers.
I contacted other specialists who sent me for MRI and colonoscopy and diagnosed that this was indeed an APIPLOIC APPENDAGITIS.
I continued to suffer from abdominal pain for 6 months! It was terrible. Eventually I met Asaf for help, which diagnosed me with meticulous detail, including my food routine.
Asaf gave me recommendations, changed my diet routine and suggested herbal formulas, updating his recommendations every week. Within 2-3 weeks the pain was drastically reduced and within another 2-3 weeks the pain was completely gone.
It’s been several months now that I am pain free, and I have adopted many of Asaf’s suggestions to my routine.
Big thanks to you Asaf.
Matan Malachi

Israel, November 2019

About a year ago, I contacted Asaf with a host of physical problems that were aggravated by menopause. I suffered from muscle aches, headaches, constipation and severe insomnia. Asaf treated me with dedication. He diagnosed with detailed questioning, gave me a new diet and supplements and treated me with acupuncture. But beyond the extensive knowledge of technique and skill I would like to note his pleasant personality, his listening and openness and the feeling that you can talk with him about everything. Gradually, I felt that the body and mind were undergoing a process of recovery and re-alignment. The symptoms with which I came were all gone and I returned to good health and normal function.
During that year, I also brought to Asaf’s treatment my 14-year-old son who suffered from poor appetite and underweight. Asaf treated him with the same devotion and loving attention. Gradually my son’s appetite and digestive ability improved, and he embarked on a good course of normal physical development for his age.
Throughout my life, I have come to know many alternative therapists from the body and mind realm. Asaf is one of the best, thanks to a rare combination of pleasant therapeutic personality, extensive knowledge and rich therapeutic experience.

Hagit Novac

Israel, June 2018

Concerning human nutrition, I believe that there is no one universal system that fits everyone.  Each person has totally different nutritional requirements to feel good and maintain optimal health. Most people spend their lives trying to figure out what works for them. We experiment with all of the latest fads, only to feel worse, gain more weight, or in extreme circumstances, get sick.

It took me 62 years to find Asaf, who, in a couple of sessions, has set me on the right path for life. I knew immediately, that this is the ideal nutrition for my personal body type. I never, ever, would have come to this alone. In a very short time, all joint pain has disappeared, I don’t wake up heavy, uncomfortable or bloated, my digestion is perfect (first time in 62 years) and my liver area is back to normal. I am so happy that I finally found someone who really understands the concept of a very personalized nutrition. I believe that Asaf’s perception may be the wave of the future. 

Joy Lerner

Belgium/Israel, March 2018

I contacted Asaf after an outbreak of Helicobacter pylori and irritable bowel development. These two troubles made my life miserable. All the medical tests I went through indicated that everything was working properly and yet the digestive system had gone wrong. A number of dietitians I consulted were unable to help me. They said great things, but they didn’t fit me. Asaf was able to adapt the treatment – personally and individually – to my digestive problems. He explained to me with patience and clarity what the mistakes were in my food choices and how I should fix them. He also made it clear that there is no uniform treatment that is good for everyone but that personal care must be tailored to the patient. I followed exactly his instructions. Asaf also added acupuncture. Within a few weeks, there was a significant benefit: my bowel function resumed completely normal. My stomach is hardly bothering me anymore. At this point, Asaf continued the acupuncture while enriching my menu in a controlled way. I have reduced the dose of nexuim medication that I receive, hoping that I can avoid it completely in the future. If before, the disruption of the digestive system interfered with daily functioning, nowadays, thanks to Asaf’s prudent treatment, I have returned to normal functioning. 

Tamar Yagnes

Israel, December 2016

Asaf I want to thank you again.
I called you suffering from extremely severe abdominal pain that has been increasing over the course of a few days – due to eating inappropriate food while exiting a fast.
I was at a loss after visiting two different doctors who could not help or relieve the pain and sent me home (I almost gave up and thought about going to the hospital …).
After hearing the story from me on the phone, you calmed me down and explained and instructed me what to do quietly and patiently. Talking again after a few hours was already a significant relief! I continued to eat and drink according to your instructions and the pain disappeared a day later.
Our first introduction some years before was through a series of dietary treatments – I came to you with frequent constipation, gases and other digestive disorders that I have lived with regularly since I can remember. After careful diagnosis and questioning, I was given a tailored diet. I ate according to your recommendations for a month – and my life changed.
Thanks for the telephone availability, the quick response and the caring.
In my eyes, you are a professional. Thanks to both the extensive and varied knowledge and the ability to listen and see the person in front of you.
I wish you all the best in the world

Elad Rimmer

Israel, October 2016

To Asaf I arrived crawling, after a winter full of weakness, fatigue and colds, recurring every two weeks, and an allergy attack that got out of control. In fact, these symptoms have accompanied me all my life and have become an integral part of me already, something I refer to as destiny. But at that point, perhaps because I felt worse than ever, something in this inertia of suffering awakened a new, powerful voice that said it was enough, that I was tired of being weak and sick; to freeze cold and blow my nose from the moment I opened my eyes in the morning. Somehow the road led me to Asaf.

Asaf’s diagnosis, his dietary and lifestyle recommendations, the herbal remedies I received – beyond the simple logic of things, all resonated with something I felt was right for me and it allowed me to devote myself to treatment completely. The results in my case came very quickly, some of the symptoms disappeared completely and those that did not disappear became minor, background noises. I felt things constantly getting better. It has been two and a half years since then and I still arrive for treatment regularly, though not out of the same distress that got me there; Asaf’s care has accompanied me at times of all kinds, with lots of decisions, changes and challenges. Asaf’s knowledge, presence and words have helped and still help me find my place in the world, to live a happier and more pleasant life. The meeting with Asaf marked a welcome turning point in my life and I feel lucky to have won it.

Elad Oshri

Israel, June 2016

Dear Asaf
When we reached you we were in the midst of a long process of fertility treatments. We felt angry, frustrated and mostly helpless. It all started when I received from my friends as a gift for my 30th birthday a treatment appointment with you, which in retrospect turned out to be the most precious birthday present I have ever received.
We met every few weeks for acupuncture and conversation about nutrition or herbs. Alongside your quiet, patient and restrained appearance, demonstrating decisiveness and providing concrete answers, I also got the emotional support i needed from time to time. In front of me was a professional, who checks and meticulously, proficiently, explains. Whenever I needed to move an appointment you have made every effort to find the time that will be convenient, you have willingly answered all my questions whether on the phone or via email, you have sent me information that may be of interest to me and checked after me between visits.
From session to session, I felt more physically balanced, but also mentally calmer and relaxed. My spouse noticed the positive change with me and decided to start treatment with you as well. Beyond the principal cause that led him to seek for your help, you helped him overcome back pain and recurring ear pain that he suffered for a long time. Throughout this time you did not give up and believed we would succeed without the help of hormonal treatments and made me believe it too! After 6 months it happened- I got naturally pregnant!
Today I carry in my lap a month and a half sweet baby boy named Shay (means gift). In his name, he is a gift from God, but also from you. So for the millionth time – thank you.
Thanks for making us a family.
With love, Tal, Carmit and Shay 

Carmit Almog

Israel, March 2010

Hello Asaf,
I wanted to thank you again for the dedicated care of me and my son Neri.
Thank you for helping us bypass the surgeon’s knife and live a healthy life.
Thank you for your warm, caring, and attentive attitude on every issue.
Good to know you’re there!
Great appreciation,
Michal (and Neri) 

Michal Aharoni

Israel, April 2010

GET Holistic Healing Resolutions 

NOW for only a one time payment of $99


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