Olive oil is the most popular oil in the world, with its usage dating back a thousands of years ago. Over the years it’s been used in various ways inside the kitchen and outside of it for massage, lighting, cosmetics and medicines. The oil is made from the fruits of the olive tree which has an important place in the holy scripts and myths and it is a symbol of peace, health, regeneration, wisdom and longevity.

Good for the heart

Olive oil is made up from fatty acids known to be extremely healthy for the heart and for its capability of fighting free radical damages. It is considered as an anti-inflammatory food and cardiovascular protector with studies showing that consuming extra virgin olive oil can lower incidence of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

Supports brain health

Because the brain is largely made up of fatty acids,consuming them on a daily basis is important in order to perform mental tasks and think clearly, that’s why olive oil is considered a food that improves focus and memory and may help fight age-related cognitive decline. It also has hormone-balancing, anti-inflammatory effects that can prevent neural dysfunction and can help regulate mood and sleep.

Digestive health

Olive oil supports and promotes digestive health by helping lubricate the intestines and by moderately igniting digestion. it stimulates the liver and gallbladder to produce and release bile, thus contributing to Liver and Gallbladder cleansing, secreting Gall sediments, Gallstones and lowering cholesterol, while,  protecting it from oxidative stress and damage.

Olive oil for hair

If you suffer from dry and brittle hair try putting on some olive oil. the oil will nourish the scalp and reduce the dandruff and itching caused by the dryness. It can also prevent hair loss and strengthen up the hair roots, making your hair soft and shiny. 

Buying and cooking

It’s important to use only extra virgin olive oil with low acidity levels. Make sure you buy it from a good source and that it is not laced with canola oil. You can use it for cooking, seasoning, baking and very short frying but its best not to use it for deep frying because of its low smoking point.


Type: Oil

Element: water

Color: Green

Taste: Bitter, Sweet, Astringent

Natural Attributes: Oily, Heavy  

Dosha impact: Kapha +, pitta 0 , Vata – 

Tissue impact (Vipak): Nourishing

Thermal impact (Virya): Slightly heating 

Digestive impact (Agni): Easy to digest  

Moves energy: Downwards

Channels (Srotas): Opens the channels when obstruction is due to excess contraction and/or dryness 

Strength (Bala): improves strength and immunity

Sturdiness (Ojas):  +

Mind (Manas): Rajasic

Feces: Soften


Occasion: Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer

Nutrient: mixed triglyceride esters of oleic acid and palmitic acid

Chinese medicine syndromes: Liver Blood Deficiency, Liver Dry Stagnation

Medicinal properties 

  • Nourishment (rasa):
  • Blood-circulation-liver: Cardiac tonic, Hepatic, Cholagogue, Choleretic
  • Muscles:
  • Fat: 
  • Bones-joints-tendon-ligaments:
  • Nervous system:
  • Reproductive and hormonal systems: 
  • Immunity: 
  • Vital essence and strength: 
  • Mental:
  • Skin: Emollient
  • Kidney-Bladder: 
  • Respiratory system: 
  • Digestive system: Aperient, Carminative
  • Cleansing: Liver

Harmful for:


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