Second Dhatu – Rakta Dhatu (Red Blood Cells)

Rakta Dhatu provides a bridge between the body’s internal and external environment by carrying nutrients to the tissues. Rakta Dhatu provides life function, transporting nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract, oxygen from the lungs and hormones of the endocrine system to the cells of the body, and the waste products of the cells are carried by the blood to be eliminated by the lungs, kidneys, liver, skin and other excretory organs. Rasa and Rakta Dhatus regulate temperature by distributing heat from the skeletal muscles and active organs to all body parts. Rakta gives energy, life, warmth and longevity. Consciousness is flowing through the blood, connecting together all parts and aspects of life. When Rakta Dhatu is optimal, it is called Rakta Sara. A person with Rakta Sara has a healthy complexion, warm delicate pinkish skin, is happy, bright, intelligent, and brilliant.

Purpose: stimulation

Element: Fire

Attributes: Odorous, Colorful, Mobile, Soft, and Hot

Action: gives color, sustenance, enables touch

Superior by products: blood vessels, tendons

Inferior by product: bile

Decreased Rakta Dhatu (Rakta Kshaya):

When Rakta Dhatu is depleted, it is called Rakta Kshaya.Depleted Rakta Dhatu causes anemia, paleness of the skin, conjunctiva, lips, tongue and nails. Dry, rough and cracked skin, breathlessness on exertion, craving for iron rich foods, craving for hot spicy foods, sour citrus fruit, and meat. Cold hands and feet, lack of enthusiasm.

Causes for Rakta Kshaya:

  1. Loss of blood
  2. Deficiency of Iron, Ferritin, B12, and other vitamins and minerals
  3. Poor diet, low protein and fat diet, raw vegetarian diet
  4. Poor digestion

Increased Rakta Dhatu (Rakta Vruddhi):

When Rakta Dhatu is increased, it is called Rakta Vruddhi. Increased Rakta Dhatu, especially the Hot attribute of Rakta, causes bleeding tendencies, skin condition such as rash, urticaria, acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, hypertension, red, warm hands and feet, red eyes, enlarged liver or spleen.

Causes for Rakta Vruddhi:

  1. Hot spicy food
  2. Excess sugar and salt
  3. Sour foods such as yogurt, pickles, fermented foods
  4. Oily or fried food
  5. Incompatible food combining
  6. Tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs
  7. Excessive exposure to the sun
  8. Working near a fire source or in hot conditions
  9. Exposure to radiation
  10. Emotional factors such as repressed anger, hate, envy and aggressiveness
  11. Infections
  12. Liver and spleen diseases


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