First Dhatu – Rasa Dhatu (Serum, white Blood Cells, Lymphatic System)

Rasa Dhatu is the first and foremost juice of all life. The food consumed and digested forms Rasa Dhatu within 5 days, and it is the source of nutrition for every cell and bodily tissue. When rasa Dhatu is fully mature and has superior quality, it is called Rasa Sara. The concept of Sara indicates the superior and obvious expression of the tissue’s presence. A person with Rasa Sara has soft and wavy hair, the skin has good complexion, uniform colors, no moles or pimples, soft, smooth and beautiful. Such skin is absolutely healthy. A Rasa Sara person has a clear perception, strength and stamina, great love, compassion and profound faith.

Purpose: nourishment

Element: Water

Attributes: Liquid, Oily, Slimy, Cool, Heavy, Soft, Slow, Sticky, Mobile, and Colorful

Action: solvent, preservative, protects, sedative

Superior byproducts: top layer of the skin, lactation and menstruation.

Inferior byproducts: mucus membranes

Decreased Rasa Dhatu (Rasa Kshaya):

When Rasa Dhatu is depleted, it is called Rasa Kshaya. Depleted Rasa Dhatu creates aggravated Vata symptoms: anemia, dehydration, thirst, dizziness, muscle spasm, dry skin, wrinkles, early grey hair, emaciation, fatigue, hypersensitivity to sound, palpitations, and shock.

Causes of decreased Rasa:

  1. Too much thinking, excess mental activity
  2. Worries, anxiety, lack of faith
  3. Under eating, emaciation
  4. Loss of digestion ability
  5. Work overload, stress
  6. Excessive physical strain
  7. Lack of rest or sleep

Increased Rasa Dhatu (Rasa Vruddhi):

When Rasa Dhatu is increased, it is called Rasa Vruddhi. The increase is in quantity, but the quality is inferior, deranged, therefor the excess Rasa is useless for, and prevents, the nourishment of the other Dhatus, and builds up as stagnating waste products (phlegm). It is like a soup, rich in ingredients, but not cooked, so it is not useful at all. Increased Rasa Dhatu creates aggravated Kapha symptoms: lymphatic and venous congestion, repeated colds, bronchial & sinus congestion, water retention (edema), swelling, excess salivation, lack of appetite, lack of taste, feeling of heaviness in the heart, pallor, stupor, lack of clarity and perception, fatigue, nausea, generalized pain and body aches, fever.

Causes of increased Rasa:

  1. Heavy food
  2. Cold food and drink
  3. Oily and fried food
  4. Overeating
  5. Leftover food
  6. Excess sugar, salt, or pickles
  7. Wet substances such as yogurt, cucumber, watermelon, sea salt
  8. Incompatible food combining


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