Spinach cools and soothes the body, and it is nourishing on behalf of its mineral content.
In small amounts, spinach is tolerated by all, and is useful medicinally in the treatment of lung and liver disorders. In large amounts it is aggravating to Vata.

It contains oxalic acid, a compound which binds with calcium, preventing its absorption, and is especially contraindicated for kidney stones. Cooking destroys the oxalic acid.


Taste: Bitter, Sweet

Natural Attributes: light, dry, mobile

Tissue impact (Vipak): pungent, reducing

Thermal impact (Virya): cooling

Dosha impact: Increases Vata, decreases Pitta and Kapha

Digestive impact (Agni): easy to digest (cooked)

Channels (Srotas): Opens

Feces: laxative

Urine: diuretic

Strength (Bala): improves strength

Mind (Manas): Sattvic

Effect: hemostatic

Chinese five element impact: Wood, Metal

Chinese medicine syndromes: Nourish the Yin and move the Qi of the Large intestine

Medicinal properties

  • Nourishment (rasa): diabetic dryness and thirst
  • Blood-circulation-liver: stops bleeding, blood imbalances, nasal bleeding, blood in bowels, coagulation, liver disorders, moistening dryness, quenching thirst, night blindness
  • Skin: clears heat and toxins in bloodstream that cause skin conditions, herpes
  • Kidney-Bladder: urinary difficulty
  • Respiratory system: dyspnoea, lung disorders
  • Digestive system: conditions of excess, constipation,improves bowel movement
  • Cleansing: relieving intoxication

Harmful: flatulence, kidney stones, diarrhea, premature ejaculation, urinary incontinence, involuntary semen emission.


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