In Ayurveda, the routine and habitual suppression of natural urges is regarded as a major cause for illness. Vata Dosha is responsible for the formation and execution of the natural urges; therefor suppression will cause aggravated Vata.

The natural urges serve autonomic needs of the body, when they are not allowed to manifest, stress is created. For example, suppression of urination will cause over time a growing feeling of discomfort, physical and mental restlessness and eventually nervousness and anxiety. Habitual suppression over years of any of the natural urges will gradually deplete the body causing malfunction and disease.

Modern lifestyle encourages the suppression of various natural urges; suppression of evacuating the bowls at work because of stressful work or hygiene issues, suppression of hunger and thirst, suppression of sleep due to work overload etc..

Each urge suppressed will eventually cause symptoms:

Suppressed urination

Symptoms:pain of the pelvis area, headache, distortion of the back, stiffness of the groin.

Treatment: pelvis tub, lubrication and sudation of the pelvis, oil enema.

Suppressed bowl movement

Symptoms: abdominal pain, headache, constipation, gas, muscle spasm.

Treatment: pelvis tub, lubrication and sudation of the pelvis, oil enema, food and drink that induce bowl movement.

Suppressed ejaculation

Symptoms: pain in the genital area, body aches, urinary blockage, prostatitis.

Treatment: pelvis tub, lubrication and sudation of the pelvis, foods that increase sexual potency, sexual activity.

Suppression of the menses (by tampons)

Symptoms: menstrual pain of the lower back and abdomen.

Treatment: enabling the free flow of the menses, lubrication and sudation of the pelvis.

Suppressed gas

Symptoms: constipation, abdominal distension, pain, debility, different disorders of aggravated Vata.

Treatment: lubrication, sudation, food and drink that induce bowl movement.

Suppressed vomiting

Symptoms: aggravated Kapha disorders, itching, skin disease, allergies, loss of appetite, nausea, and anemia.

Treatment: vomiting, very light diet or fasting, bloodletting, dry food items, physical activity.

Suppressed sneezing

Symptoms: stiffness of the neck, headache, weakness of sensory organs.

Treatment: anointing of the nose, massage of the neck, sudation, Vata harmonizing diet.

Suppressed belching

Symptoms: respiratory problems, lack of appetite, trembling.

Treatment: lubrication and sudation, downward propulsion.

Suppressed yawning

Symptoms: many different Vata disorders.

Treatment: subdue Vata.

Suppressed hunger

Symptoms: debility, weakness, lack of appetite, dizziness.

Treatment: cooked, warm, oily, easy to digest food.

Suppressed thirst

Symptoms: dryness of the mouth and throat, debility, sadness, pain in the heart area.

Treatment: cool nourishing drinks.

Suppressed crying

Symptoms: nasal discharge, eye disease, heart disease, lack of appetite.

Treatment: sleep, wine, enjoyable conversation.

Suppressed sleep

Symptoms: yawning, body aches, dosing, headache, dark color around the eyes.

Treatment: sleep, gentle massage.

Suppressed breathing (after exercise)

Symptoms: growth of mass in the abdominal cavity, heart disease, fainting.

Treatment: rest and pacify Vata.


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