The human body seems to the naked eye as a solid mass, but it is really a bundle of millions of channels, tubes and passages, enabling the flow of life to take place.

Every single cell has ducts that enable the entrance of oxygen and sodium ions, and the exit of carbon dioxide and potassium ions.

Other larger channels are the capillaries, lymph system, veins and arteries. There are also electric pathways that conduct our sense perception and impulses of the nervous system. The largest channels of the body are the gastrointestinal tract, the urinary tract and the respiratory tract.

The channels are a network of communication between all aspects of life, for the flow of nutrients, sensations, thoughts and awareness. They are the infrastructure for the function of Vata Dosha, which is in control of communication and is the operator of the body.

Channels functionality differs from person to person:

A person with very open channels will be more sensitive, for better and worse. He will notice easily details and apprehend new ideas quickly, but at the same time may be more vulnerable and exposed to weather changes, criticism and insult.

A person with much closed channels will be insensitive, for better and worse. He will be more resilient to external influences, physically and mentally, but may suffer from stagnation and accumulation of toxins or unresolved emotions resulting in a buildup of internal stress, and may find it difficult to communicate with the world and express him/herself.

In Ayurveda there are 13 prototypes of channels:

  1. 3 types of nourishment channels, for the passage of air, nutrients and water throughout the body
  2. 7 types of channels, one for each of the bodily tissues, the Dhatus.
  3. 3 types of elimination channels, for body waste products, feces, urine and sweat

Imbalance of the channels

  1. excess flow or overflow of a channel, too frequent bowel movement, diarrhea, anxiety
  2. slowed down flow, stagnation of flow, accumulation – constipation, lymphatic congestion, edema, blocked nose, asthma, depression
  3. A growth blocking the channel flow, such as tumors.
  4. Wrong direction of flow, vomiting, hiccups, nausea, renal reflux


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