The Heart is considered to be the most important of all the internal organs, described as the “Emperor” of the internal organs. The Hearts main functions are to govern Blood and to house the Mind.

The functions of the Heart are:

  1. Governs Blood

The Heart is responsible for circulation of Blood just the same as in western medicine, and is essential for a proper supply of Blood to all the body tissues.Heart Blood determines partly the strength of constitution of an individual.

  1. Houses the Mind

According to Chinese Medicine, mental activity and consciousness “reside” in the Heart. This means that the state of the Heart and Blood will affect Thinking, Intelligence, Emotions, Consciousness, Memory, concentration and Sleep.

The Heart represents a complex of spiritual aspects related to all the Yin organs.

  1. Controls Blood Vessels

The state of the Hearts Qi is reflected in the state of the Blood Vessels.

  1. Controls Sweat

the Heart protects the body from excess heat by inducing Sweat.

  1. Manifests in the Complexion

Since the Heart controls the Blood and Blood Vessels and distributes Blood all over the body, the Heart is there for reflected in the Complexion.

  1. Open to the Tongue and controls Speech

The Heart controls the color, form and appearance of the tongue and the condition of the Heart affects speech, talking and laughing.


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