The Kidneys are the powerhouse of the body, supplying energy to enable growth, fertility, immunity, stamina, endurance, recovery power, stress management and supplying reserve energy to any organ running low on Qi.Just like the growth, development, and life span of a plant depend on the strength and vitality of its roots, in humans the growth, development, and life span depend on the strength and vitality of the “root organ Kidney”. Thus the Kidney in humans contains “the Essence” of life. The “Kidney Essence” determines the growth, development, maturation, and reproduction and is responsible for the vitality and longevity in every person.

There are two types of Essence reserve; pre-natal Essence and post-natal Essence.

The pre-natal Essence reserve is acquired from our parents (some compare it to DNA). Thus the health state of our parents determines “the quality” of our prenatal Essence and somewhat the quality of our life. The prenatal Essence nourishes the fetus and predetermines the growth, development, sexual maturation and fertility. People with insufficient prenatal Essence suffer from infertility, impotence, mental and physical underdevelopment in children, and premature senility in adults  This reserve is like a battery that can only be used but not charged. It is like an inherited bank account one can only withdraw from but cannot deposit to. When this energy reserve runs out, life ends.

The Kidney “Pre-natal Essence” Battery is used up by:

  1. Since it is inherited from the parents, it may be low from birth.
  2. It is progressively depleted with age.
  3. It is particularly vulnerable to exhaustion due to overwork, a hard driven life style, and mostly due to chronic stress conditions.
  4. Suffering from continuous abuse.
  5. Chronic illness
  6. Excess ejaculations, multiple pregnancies, excessive sexual thoughts or activity.
  7. Excessive mental work, excess worry or fear.
  8. Chronic experience of stress.
  9. Hard strenuous physical work.
  10. Excessive or long term use of medications, drugs, smoking or alcohol.

The post-natal Essence reserve is gathered during life through the energy of the food and drink we consume and our overall lifestyle. It is supplemented by the surplus of Qi energy manufactured by the Spleen and the Lungs. The postnatal Essence is variable and depends on our own choices. Healthy eating habits and an overall healthy and spiritual lifestyle generates postnatal Essence, while unhealthy and insufficient diet, cigarettes, alcohol, living in polluted areas, stress, etc. disturbs the postnatal Essence. Based on the choices we make we will influence the length and the quality of our life and the various life stages we go through, such as puberty, maturation, menopause, and aging. Thus although our life span and life quality may be somewhat predetermined by our inheritance it is essential to remember that a big part of it also depends on our own selves. This reserve is like a chargeable battery. When post-natal Essence is full, the pre-natal Essence reserve is in economy mode. Whenever post-natal Essence reserve is low (such as during illness, after an accident, conditions of extreme stress, dysfunction of the digestive and repertory systems, in old age), the pre-natal Essence reserve kicks in to supply the energy needed for maintaining life.

The Kidney post natal Essence battery is charged by:

  1. The production of energy on a daily basis from food and air by the activity of the digestive and respiratory systems.
  2. Quality and length of sleep. The ancient texts recommend early sleep and late awakening for strengthening the Kidneys, with the most important hours of sleep being the hours before midnight.
  3. Since the kidneys are most damaged nowadays by stress, it is imperative to get your stress levels under control. Slowing down, body and mind, to conserve energy, by getting more rest when you are tired or taking a break to de-stress.
  4. Finding the correct balance between activity and rest, incorporating into your life both stimulating, exciting, challenging activities and time for rest, letting go, relaxation and rejuvenation.
  5. Resolving situations that are making you worried or fearful, by changing your point of view over life, giving up your comfort zone to gain a new perspective and changing the way you perceive reality.
  6. Exercise routinely to stay in shape; nurture both flexibility and aerobic ability in relation to your specific build. Strengthen the muscles of the legs, lower back and abdomen that encircle your Kidney organ. Gentle exercise such as Qi Kong, Tai Chi or Yoga can balance more stimulating activities.
  7. A life style where foods are used as medicine and medicinal herbs are used daily as food.

The Kidneys are the foundation of all the Yin & Yang for all the other organs. Kidney Yin is the fundamental substance for birth, growth and reproduction, while Kidney Yang is the motive force of all physiological processes. The Kidneys are the origin of water and fire in the body.

Functions of the Kidneys:

Store essence and govern birth, growth, reproduction and development

The essence of the Kidneys is a highly potential compressed Qi substance (also known as “Jing” or “Pre-Natal Essence”), which is inherited from the parents and is also partly replenished by the Qi extracted from food and air (the “Post-Natal Essence”). The essence controls growth, sexual maturation, fertility and development, our basic constitution, strength and vitality.

Produce marrow, fill the brain, and control bones

Essence is the organic foundation for the production of Marrow. Marrow in Chinese Medicine is a substance which is the common matrix of bones, bone marrow, brain and spinal cord. If Kidney Essence is strong, it will nourish the brain and memory and concentration, thinking and intelligence will be keen. Kidney Essence determines both the physical and mental strength of an individual.

Govern water

The kidneys govern urination.

Control the reception of Qi

The Lungs have a descending action on Qi, directing it down to the Kidneys. The kidneys respond by “holding” this Qi down.

Open to the Ears

The Ears rely on the nourishment of Kidney Essence for their proper functioning.

Manifest in the Hair of the head

If Kidney Essence is abundant, the hair will grow well and will be healthy and glossy. When Kidney Essence is weak or declining, the hair will become thin and brittle and may fall out.

House the will power

Since the Kidneys are the basis for all Yin & Yang energies of the body and therefor the basis for life, the Kidneys are considered the house of will power.


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