The Spleen Qi is the force in charge of production and supplying of energy for the daily functions of the body. Metaphorically described in Chinese medicine as the minister of economics, it controls the process of digestion and assimilation – the factory that produces the fuel for daily activity, immunity, warmth, formation of the tissues and mental function.

The Chinese medicine spleen Qi is a code name for several bodily functions and tissues, which include the functions of both the spleen organ and the pancreas.

The Spleen Qi main function is transforming food into Qi (energy) and transporting Qi, absorbing the nourishment from food and separating the usable from the unusable part of food. The Spleen is the central organ for the production of energy from food and drink ingested; it extracts food energy which is the basis for the formation of general bodily energy and Blood.

Functions of the Spleen are:

Governess transformation and transportation

The Spleen’s function of transforming and transporting is crucial to the process of digestion and production of Qi and Blood. If this function is normal, the digestion will be good, with good appetite, normal absorption and regular bowel movement. The Spleen also controls the transformation, Separation and movement of fluids. If this function is impaired, fluids may accumulate to form dampness or phlegm. The Spleen activity of transformation and transportation can be easily impaired by excessive consumption of cold liquids and icy drinks. For this reason it is said that the Spleen likes dryness and heat.

Controls the Blood

The Spleen Qi keeps the Blood in the Blood vessels to prevent hemorrhages, and plays an important role in the production of Blood.

Controls the muscles of the four limbs

The Spleen Qi nourishes all the tissues of the body, particularly the muscles of the limbs. 

Opens to the mouth and manifests in the Lips

The action of chewing prepares food for the Spleen to transform and transport. When Spleen Qi is normal, the sense of taste is good and the lips are rosy.

Controls the raising of Qi

The Spleen Qi holds the body up straight resists gravity and holds the internal organs in their proper place. A deficiency of Spleen Qi may cause prolapse of various organs such as the uterus, stomach, kidney, bladder or anus.

Houses the thought

The raising action of Spleen Qi is responsible for the ascending of clear Yang to the head, influencing the capacity for thinking, studying, concentrating, focusing and memorizing.

People with a strong and balanced spleen Qi are:

  • responsible
  • practical
  • diligent
  • strong
  • active
  • stable
  • excellent endurance
  • strong limbs
  • good appetite
  • healthy digestion
  • orderly and careful
  • like to nurture themselves and others
  • connect people together
  • producers

What Causes Spleen Qi Imbalances?

Typically, Spleen damage occurs with poor lifestyle habits including an improper diet, multitasking, especially doing other things while eating, too much exposure to a damp environment, damp food or damp weather, over work in general and/or working at a desk all day, fatigue, too much worrying, stress, anxiety, over-thinking and obsessive thought patterns, lack of exercise, childbirth and child rearing. Medications such as steroids and prolonged use of antibiotics can also damage the Spleen and lead to Internal Dampness. Many of us were over-prescribed antibiotics as children, damaging are sensitive and underdeveloped digestive systems; this set the stage for chronic allergies, sinusitis, fungal infections, and digestive issues in our adult years.


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