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The HHR diagnosis & treatment program will give you specifically everything you need to know and do to get started on a new path for optimized vibrating health, but once you are a few weeks into the program, amazed with the benefits you have achieved, you will absolutely want a second private consultation with me. Exactly for this reason, I have prepared for you this special FEED BACK – FOLLOW UP offer.

As soon as you feel ready, usually between 1-3 weeks into the program, you will answer the self-assessment questionnaire again, and provide additional information, which will already reflect the progress and changes that you are going to experience as a result of the initial diagnosis. 

I will then response with a FOLLOW UP video refreshing your program, answering all your questions, troubleshooting any difficulties and fine-tuning your program into perfection, so you can reap all the health potential in abundance.

The FEEDBACK – FOLLOW UP offer will further ensure your ongoing healthier self!
This FEEDBACK – FOLLOW UP is a one-time offer for the price of $89! If you buy it later, it will cost you $119!



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