On the one hand Yogurt is warming, ignites digestion and improves assimilation. On the other hand it is heavy, oily and channel blocking. Its channel blocking quality is stronger than its warming quality. Therefore it is very good for Vata, but not as much for Pitta and Kapha.

Yogurt, unlike normal milk, is already predigested by the bacterial action of the souring process, and is therefore digested much better by the vast majority of people who lack the milk-digesting enzyme.


Yogurt combines well with spices such as cardamom, turmeric and salt, since spices help open the channels.


Avoid yogurt at dinner or at night, best consumed with additional Ghee, sugar, Amalaki fruit, honey or green mung beans. Yogurt should not be heated or consumed with fruit.

Yogurt is recommended for the cold season, since it is warming, and should be consumed with cooked and warm foods, because it is channel obstructing and requires the warmth of food to avoid causing stagnation.

Types of yogurts:

Sweet yogurt – resembles milk, since it is in a transition phase between milk and yogurt. From a digestive perspective, the combination of milk and yogurt is forbidden; therefore sweet yogurt increases all 3 dosha.

Sweet and firm yogurt – is very blocking, highly increases fat tissue and Kapha, and sedates Pitta because of its sweetness.

Sweet and sour yogurt – this is the normal yogurt referred to above.

Sour yogurt – ignites digestion, increases Pitta, Kapha and Rakta Dhatu (aggravating heat in the Blood).

Very sour or fermenting yogurt – causes itching of teeth, burning sensation, heartburn, strongly ignites digestion, increases Vata, Pitta and Rakta, and is probably no good for Kapha either.


Taste: sour, astringent

Natural Attributes: Heavy, oily, (moving for Vata types), liquid, sticky

Tissue impact (Vipak): Sweet, Nourishing

Thermal impact (Virya): warming

Dosha impact: decreases Vata, increases Kapha and Pitta

Digestive impact (Agni): easy to digest

Channels (Srotas):  blocks the channels

Feces: assists evacuation for Vata


Strength (Bala): improves strength and immunity

Mind (Manas): Rajasic

Effect: Aphrodisiac, acidifying, tonic, livotonic, digestive stimulant, probiotic

Chinese medicine syndromes: Tonifies yin

Medicinal properties 

  • Nourishment (rasa):  loss of taste, intermittent fever, weakness, shivering, emaciation
  • Reproductive and hormonal systems: fertility, increasing semen, vaginal infection
  • Kidney-Bladder: urine inconsistency, dysuria
  • Respiratory system: runny nose, rhinitis
  • Digestive system: stimulating digestion, lack of appetite, diarrhea, improving assimilation, improving intestinal flora

Harmful for: edema, anemia (if yogurt is very sour), fever, bleeding disorders, herpes, skin diseases, jaundice, obesity, fainting, Kapha disorders


Cow yogurt

Taste: Sweet, Sour

Natural Attributes: Heavy, oily

Tissue impact (Vipak): Sweet, Nourishing

Thermal impact (Virya): warming

Dosha impact: decreases Vata

Effect: Aphrodisiac, acidifying, tonic, livotonic, digestive stimulant

Beneficial for: igniting digestion, the heart, gaining weight, suitable only when one is accustomed to yogurt

Buffalo yogurt

Taste: sour, sweet

Natural Attributes: Heavy, very oily, wet

Tissue impact (Vipak): sweet – nourishing

Thermal impact (Virya): warming

Dosha impact: Decreases Vata and Pitta, increases Kapha

Effect: Aphrodisiac,

Beneficial for: fertility, very nourishing and suits deficient Vata people

Harmful: blood disorders

Goat yogurt

Taste: sweet, sour, pungent

Natural Attributes: light, oily

Tissue impact (Vipak): sour

Thermal impact (Virya): warming

Dosha impact: decreases Vata,Pitta and Kapha

Feces: Constipating

Function: ignites digestion, improves assimilation in the intestines, suitable only when one is accustomed to yogurt

Beneficial for: cough, dyspnea,tuberculosis,emaciation, very good for hemorrhoids, also the bleeding kind. For Vata people a good quality cow yogurt is better than goat yogurt.

Sheep yogurt

Even more obstructive to the channels


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